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 Hello, everyone. Welcome to the website suadexshoes.com we just created. First is the introduction of Suadexshoes:

About Suadex
SUADEX-A professional work shoe brand supplying puncture-proof protection shoes and anti-squashed safety shoes, it integrates light luxury fashion, leisure sports and classic nostalgia together, caused a perfect combination.

The SUADEX brand is based on the customer foundation, and actively researches and develops shoes with strong adaptability, sufficient advantages, and high-cost performance starting from customers. We will always insist on innovation new from the old in product research and development.

The SUADEX brand always persists in carrying out its brand concept and design concept. The SUADEX firmly perseveres in brand concept which puts safety as the primary function of protective work shoes which meets the preferences of all kinds of customers. At the same time, it is concentrated on quality, precision development of hot products, rapid promotion, and differentiation of self-owned brand products, making a shocking market impact.

The SUADEX brand is equipped with a mature research and development department, a strong production team and after-sales service of superior quality. It has always been adhering to transmitting the latest and best shoes and the best service to customers. It is also the kind of operation concept that has made us own more and more partners and friends, and SUADEX brand growing up gradually! We believe that the SUADEX brand will always insist on not forgetting its original intention and producing shoes that customers are satisfied with.

Suadex fashion safety shoes
At present, we have just put 8 fashion safety shoes, you can check and choose the ones you like on the site. They are of fashion and safety, not only for many jobs but also for outdoors, activities and many other casual occasions, you can wear them as casual shoes in daily life.
We will release new designs in the near future, you can also expect that.

Thinking of what we can do better for our customers, now we have a first kind offer which is free shipping for all shoes and all orders to all the places we can go to.
And we have other nice offers for a group buying many pairs of our safety shoes, 15% off for purchase of 25 to 49 pairs of safety shoes, code: SUGB15 ; 20% off for more than 50 pairs all at once, code: SUGB20. For more details please go to the Groupbuy page.

For more information like about shipping, exchange, and refund, etc, please go to check the related pages on our site, any questions or problems please feel free to contact us via email suadexshoes@gmail.com or directly send us an email from the Contact Us page.

I wish you a happy and satisfied shopping!

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