The history of shoes

The history of shoes

Shoes are something that each of us has to wear. There are many different types of shoes. In spring, summer, autumn and winter, we wear different shoes. The shoes are the same as clothes. They need to be replaced frequently which makes a big footwear market. Shoes have a long history of development. About 5,000 years ago during the Yangshao culture period, the most primitive shoes made of animal skins appeared. Shoes are a tool for people to protect their feet from injury. The earliest people invented fur shoes in order to overcome special circumstances and prevent their feet from being uncomfortable or injured. The development of shoes to the present is what it is now. Shoes of various styles and functions can be seen everywhere.

the history of shoes
Like all clothing, shoes at some point also represent some kind of status that you want to impress others; but, apart from the strangeness of a rare pair of shoes, what we care about most is actually The question of whether the shoes fit properly. Therefore, when you dream of shoes, it often means that at some level of your life, the doubt of "whether it is suitable" may arise. The shoe in your dream may also reflect the way you take in real life, especially when you walk around wearing it. Pay attention to the style and type of shoes in your dream. Observe how the relationship between you and the shoe is established, how you use it, and how you feel about it. Second, the types of shoes There are many types of shoes:

Types of shoes
Shoes are divided according to the objects of wear, including men, women, children and other shoes. The shoes are classified according to the season, and there are single, clips, cotton, cool and other shoes. The shoes are classified according to materials, including leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes, and plastic shoes.
The shoes are classified according to craftsmanship, such as stitching, injection molding, injection molding, molding, vulcanization, cold sticking, sticking, slush molding, assembly and other shoes. The shoes are classified according to style, the head type has square head, square round head, round head, pointed round head, pointed head; the heel type has flat heel, half high heel, high heel, slope heel; the upper has high heel, low heel, medium System, high system.
Shoes are classified according to usage, including daily life shoes, work shoes, safety shoes, sports shoes, travel shoes, negative heel shoes, etc.

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