Can you have a BBQ during lockdown-DIY Top Cement Barbecue Grill in Outdoor Space

It's now starting to hot up with the arrival of spring, then summer is nearly here, more people will be itching to spend time outside.

But despite the weather brightening up, lockdown rules mean many people should remain indoors - except for a very limited number of reasons.

The guidances from many countries permit leaving your house for one form of exercise per day, infrequent, essential shopping or medical needs, or to go to work if you cannot do this at home, but stresses that being outdoors should be kept to a minimum, the lockdown rules require following a different way of life for the time being.

This means you should not meet up with your family and friends, and avoid attending any social gatherings outside of your household - including for a BBQ outdoors.

Can I have a BBQ during a lockdown? Am I allowed to have a BBQ at home?

However, if you have your BBQ grilling, which means it must be used in your home/garden and only by the people who are in your household.

You should avoid having a BBQ grilling on a balcony as debris can drift to other levels and pose a fire risk to other floors.
BBQ grill safety
If you love outdoor grilling in the summer, especially during the lockdown, then you must have a grill.

Build your barbecue grill in the place where you live!!! In my opinion, every person should have an open barbecue grill in their outdoor places. What’s your opinion about this? Share your impression with us in comments. Feel free to share this blog on your walls and to share it with your friends.
Safety for BBQ grillSafety for BBQ grillSafety for BBQ grillSafety for BBQ grillSafety for BBQ grillSafety for BBQ grillSafety for BBQ grillSafety for BBQ grill
This project is cool and you could be cool too. Why not? Try it to do it in your free/lockdown time. We believe in you and we know that you could do that.

Thank you, and stay safe, including your feet, wear (Suadex) safety shoes for anti-smashing from heavy objects, anti-slip, and even anti-puncture from sharp objects.

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