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Personal equipment to Protect Yourself at Work

Workers may need personal protective equipment in the warehouse, but remember that you should implement other control measures first. This is important because if the PPE fails or the worker does not wear it, any uncontrolled danger will bring huge risks.
Suadex Safety Shoes for Warehouse Work Safety
Warehouse worker in personal protective equipment
Examples of PPE you may need to issue include:
Hard hat - make sure to buy a legal hard hat. Fake helmets cannot provide the same protection as helmets that meet manufacturing standards.
High-visibility jackets-High-visibility clothing is essential when installing vehicles on site.
Safety shoes – shoes with non-slip soles prevent sliding accidents, while boots with steel covers prevent the risk of impact and crushing.
Eye protection – Safety glasses and goggles prevent debris from damaging your eyes.
Hearing protection-ear protectors or plugs help reduce noise exposure to acceptable levels.
Personal equipment to Protect yourself at Work
You need to assess the risks in the warehouse to determine what type of PPE your workers need. But in most warehouses, hard hats and high-visibility jackets are essential. Online training courses can provide more information on legislation on the use of personal protective equipment, the types you may need and how to implement them effectively in the warehouse.

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